Pirates of The Caribbean

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The films "Peter Pan" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" can be used for ideas on decorations and ideas.

Event Types

Bachelor, Bachelorette, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Dinner Party, Birthday Party.

Age Groups

Bachelor, Bachelorette, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Dinner Party


Out doors in large yard or park. Build a large mound to put face "boat" or charter.


Pirate Flags, beads, treasure chest, tropical flowers, coconuts.

Dress code

costumes, sailor: white/black stripped tee shirts black dungarees red waist sashes. Women: brightly colored silk shirts (sleeveless) short, tight, black. Skirts with slit. Up the side bead necklaces


Soundtracks from the following films for ideas; "Peter Pan", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Captain Blood", "Treasure Island".


Drinks: Rum drinks from barrels. Food: Big buffet feast is laid out on blankets on the grass.


Charter a private boat in a marina and party on it. I will provide food, drinks, music etc..Burry the treasure chest in an unlikely place, fill it with gold pager covered chocolate coins. Pirate Attack (women vs. men) Men are on a "boat" (a scaffolding or small stage in back yard) "working the sails" (sheets string from pole to pole on the elevated area) to hide from the women. Host tells clues of location of treasure map. Women approach "boat" and sneak up on the sailors. They imprison them or handcuff them to find the treasure. The women take their prisoners along to find treasure. when it's found, everyone is released and fun starts. Guest recline and watch performers. Movie to watch, "Pirates of the Caribbean" . Take home coins (choc.) and CD's of the "pirate attack"