Where To Honeymoon?

Where to go for your honeymoon is often a tough decision. There are so many honeymoon destinations that narrowing it down to just one seems almost impossible. Should you go somewhere tropical, somewhere foreign, take a cruise, or stay closer to home and enjoy a bed & breakfast inn.

The choices are endless so let's talk about just a few.

First off, perfect honeymoons take a lot of planning. Be specific when booking your honeymoon. Don't leave anything to chance. Make a list of what's important in your travel plans. Do you want a king-sized bed, room with a view, first class air accommodations, convertible rental car? Think about all the details before you leave, not after. And any time you get the opportunity, tell the airline personnel, car rental agency, hotel front desk or restaurant hostess, that you are on your honeymoon. You never know what perks they might throw your way.

Deciding what you want in a honeymoon is the first step. Do you want to do a lot of sightseeing or learn something new that you can enjoy together? Do you want to be active? Do you want to save or splurge? Do you want to relax and relish quiet together time? Do you want to go somewhere warm or somewhere cold? Think about your ideal vacation and go for it. Great honeymoon ideas can be found in bridal magazines, at your local bookstore and even through your automobile club.

Many couples enjoy visiting honeymoon resorts such as those found on the Hawaiian islands and the Caribbean. These resorts often offer honeymoon packages to include your every wish. If not interested in a package, there is still so much to do right in the confines of your resort. There are tons of water activities, including snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, boating, fishing, surfing, windsailing and swimming. There are sights to be seen, pools to lounge by, waterfalls to observe, towns to explore and food to enjoy. You can set your own pace and relish in the company of your spouse however you want. It's a good idea to get information on what there is to see and do in your destination before you go. Call the local Tourist Board for brochures and information and ask hotel reservations to send you information on the hotel's daily activities and services.

Another popular honeymoon vacation is a cruise. You can cruise anywhere in the world and see places you've only dreamed about. Cruise ships themselves offer an abundance of activities including swimming, gambling, movies, live shows and more. If you want to visit several different locals, this may be the honeymoon destination for you because you visit several ports and can exit the ship to visit somewhere new almost every day. Cruises are also a package deal with most everything included in one price per person. There's no getting out your wallet every five minutes.

While it is tradition to stay in the honeymoon suite on the night of your wedding, you can continue to do so on your honeymoon. Many Bed & Breakfast inns offer honeymoon suites or honeymoon cabins that are very private and romantic. If the mountains or a small town are what appeals to your honeymoon desire, this is a great way to go. Many small beach towns also have bed & breakfast opportunities. These inns get their name because they offer the most delicious breakfasts every morning. If you're staying in a private room, as the honeymoon rooms usually are, breakfast can be served to your room for private dining. Many of these suites also have a private balcony or deck where you can sit and eat, relax or read. Afternoon wine and cheese is usually served daily in the main room of the inn. And the innkeepers often have suggestions and/or pamphlets on interesting places to go or restaurants to visit for dinner.

When making your honeymoon travel plans you can do it yourself or with the help of a travel agent. Either way, be sure to outline your needs and wants before making reservations. That will make the travel itinerary part of your honeymoon less stressful and give you more time to think about recreational activities. Another good source of information is friends and family. Ask them about romantic restaurants and special things to see and do.

If you think about your perfect honeymoon "day", the destination will make itself clear. Think about how you want to spend your morning (breakfast in bed perhaps), your afternoon (a picnic on the beach, tour of an ancient city), and your evening (dinner under the stars or under bright lights.) Close your eyes and envision yourself in the ultimate honeymoon setting. Don't be afraid to ask others for their honeymoon ideas. You may be surprised by what you can learn from other people's honeymoon excursions. The more questions you ask, the clearer your answer will be. A honeymoon vacation should be a once in a lifetime trip.