Cyprus or Ibiza ???

You are getting married in a few days and you are still looking for a Honeymoon location.

There are so many beautiful places on the face of the planet that you want to visit, some suit your budget and some don't unfortunately. You have narrowed your options into two locations: Cyprus and Ibiza. Both stunning places with unforgettable places to visit.

Why Cyprus?
A little island in the Mediterranean, only 3 hours flight from the UK. What a spectacular place to go for your honeymoon. You can sunbath on the beaches of Ayia Napa or Larnaca, visit traditional markets and buy beautiful souvenirs. If you like the mountains you may want to hire a motorcycle or 4x4 jeep and visit Pafos in the mountains.
The night life. Oh what a treat. You can dance in clubs, outside clubs or even in the middle of the market. The pubs and variety of attractions you have available are just amazing. This is one of the best places in the world to go on vacation, enjoy the sun and a great hotel for a good price.

Why Ibiza??
Why not? It's around the corner from the UK, you barely pay for the flight. The beaches and hotels- oh just amazing. Ibiza is well known for…….the parties of course. So many night clubs and bars to visit. Just in case you don't know where Ibiza is. It's a small island to the coast of Valencia, (East) Spain. It's sunny like the Mediterranean but closer to the UK. This is a more luxurious version of Cyprus. Bigger place & faster pace.

Looking forward to reading your honeymoon experiences.

Good luck