Back To The Future

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A few weeks ago, Brian, my nephew, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. I helped my sister prepare and I was the photographer at the party. My son and daughter are still talking about how much fun they had. It was such a wonderful party I thought I would share it with you.

My kids, Deborah and Joseph, received invitations looked like DeLorean sports cars. Inside the card was written, "Come Back to the Future with me at my Bar Mitzvah celebration."

My sister reserved a bus to pick up about forty kids from the school Saturday afternoon and take them to the Jewish Community Center where the service and party would take place. The dance hall was decorated to look like Doc Brown's laboratory in the movie "Back to the Future". There were clocks of all shapes and sizes hanging from the ceiling and walls. On the floor were rows of lights arranged to look like a landing strip. At one end of the room a life-sized shell of a DeLorean blew artificial fog from its tail pipe every once in a while, as if waiting for take off. Around the perimeter of the room was a track. It was designated as "wheels only" space and a few rows of skateboards and several dozen pairs of roller skates hung on the wall behind it. I wished I could be a kid again, but the celebration was about to begin so I faded into the background and hiding my face behind a camera.

When the kids arrived at the hall they signed in. life-sized cut-outs of Doc Brown and Marty McFly had the pens with pens velcroed to their hands and the kids to write with. There was a 1950s style snack bar set up where they could order milk shakes, floats, malts, soda, French fries, chips, or hot pretzels. They danced on the large dance floor to music from the 50s through the 80s, as well as songs from the three "Back to the Future" movies.

After the adults arrived, everyone went into the temple for the Aliea La Tora ceremony, which was lovely. Then, everyone returned to the hall and awaited Brian, the Bar Mitzvah boy' Grand Entrance. The DeLorean, blew out a huge cloud of fog, began rolling then stopped on the dance floor. The driver side door lifted and Brian stepped out! No one saw him sneak into the car! He received a standing ovation! It was very impressive.

Everyone sat at the dining tables while Brian's great grandfather, Sy, performed the Hamotze (the cutting of the bread). After the Hamotze the adults had soup and salad. The waiters also sserved a wonderful wine for the adults. The snack bar had been converted into a buffet area for the kids. The DJ continued to playing classic rock music, which the adults enjoyed as much as the kids. Joseph said the adults looked a little ridiculous dancing around. He organized the kids and played musical chairs and Twister. Some of the braver kids learned some dances from the DJ like the Jitter Bug, the Mashed Potato, the Swim, and the Twist.

Just as the main course was served Deborah tattled that Joseph tried to sneak some wine. Many of the adults had joined the kids on the dance floor and an impromptu dance contest started. The DJ took charge of the event and even handed out prizes. Some people won copies of the "Back to the Future" movies, posters, soundtracks, miniature DeLoreans with moving doors nd wheels, and a skateboard. Deborah was thrilled with the poster of Michael J. Fox she won. The grand prize was the complete set of the "Back to the Future" movies to the winning couple chosen by Brian. He picked the rabbi and his wife.

Brian gave a short thank you speech then 13 of his friends performed the candle lighting ceremony. Each told a brief story about something funny Brian had done. It was like a mini-roast. Some stories the kids told made Brian blush. Though none of them were bad stories. Brian's parents were tipsy, so they just laughed.

Everyone danced, laughed and sang to the oldies until nearly midnight. Brian's parents thanked everyone for coming. The parents of the guests began showing up. A table was set up outside the hall with coffee, cake, cookies and snacks for the parents to munch until the kids were ready to go home.

Before the kids left, they were told to pick a clock hanging on the wall. A cool-looking Swatch watch was taped to the back of each clock and each guest took one home. All of them were futuristic and funky. I wanted one, so I got one of the leftovers.