Super Bowl

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So you're thinking about throwing a Super Bowl party.. You can do the same old chips and dip, hot wings and hot dogs deal or you can stop being so boring and spice it up a bit. Get your guests talking about this party for a while! We at PartyPOP have been throwing Superbowl parties for years and let's just say, people keep coming back for more! The main idea with any party is to keep your guests entertained! We don't want to share ALL our secrets with you, but we will give you some pointers and hopefully your imagination will take over!

So, first thing is first..

TV: Nobody wants to watch the game on a little 24" monitor or one of those old TVs with antennas on it. Make sure you watch the event on a big enough TV so everyone can see it without squinting. Also, if you can, watch it on high-definition (HD). Completely different experience!

YOUR CROWD: This party is catered STRICTLY towards football fans. There are times and places for other parties, so don't worry about inviting all your friends in your contacts list or Facebook. Make sure everyone is there to have fun and enjoy the game; even though we ALL watch the game for the commercials. Let's be honest.

KEEP YOUR GUESTS ENGAGED IN THE MOMENT: You want them to have fun and yell at the TV when the ref calls a horrible play, or when the wide receiver fumbles 3 yards from the endzone! We made this a little more fun by providing our guests with whistles and yellow napkins. They can blow on their whistles and throw the napkins in the air when they want to initiate their own penalties! Go wild with this one, party favors are always a good thing to have.

ALCOHOL: Do NOT run out of alcohol! We always like to keep a keg chilled just in case all the beer cans/bottles run out. If you plan on introducing some hard liquor, make sure its a clear one. Superbowl is during the day. You don't want people to fall asleep on you from the heavy dark stuff. We learned its best to stick to silver tequila or vodka.

FOOD: Don't hesitate on this one. Superbowl only comes around once a year, so splurge a little! Don't buy the cheap ready-made vegetable platters or frozen appetizers to heat up. Get some quality ground beef, some fresh chicken, a couple racks of ribs anything that is fun and easy to BBQ. Your guests  will be very impressed and satisfied and they'll probably want to help with the preparation!

GAMES: Everyone loves interaction. Get you and your guests together before the game and place a couple harmless bets. What team will win, what the score will be at half-time, how good/bad the half-time show will be, etc. A favorite of ours is to have a little football game of our own. We all go outside an hour or so before the game and throw the ball around to get ourselves pumped for the game. We also like to provide some drinking games. You can make up your own rules, but there are a bunch of pre made games if you search on google.

KIDS: If you decide to have kids attending your Superbowl party, make sure they have fun! The worst is having kids sit around bored watching their parents watch football when they have no interest in the game. Set up some fun outdoor activities for them in the backyard. Maybe even let them throw around a football or swim in the pool if you have one.

Don't put too much pressure on yourselves, it's not the end of the world. Try to make it with as less of a headache as possible, be safe, and of course.. HAVE FUN WITH IT! Make your guests leave happy. You will feel very accomplished. Cheers.