UnBridled Bachelorette Bash

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Calling all Girls! I'm Haley, and I can't wait to describe this. After the incomparibly wonderous Bachelorette Party my girlfriends threw for me, I can't help but feel it's my duty for 'Brides to be' everywhere, to share the second most MEMORABLE night of my life!! (Second only, to my wedding night of course!! No worries Ben honey, if you ever read this ! ;) My surprise Bachelorette Party was literally my feminine-side's dream come true - the Ultimate celebration of Hot Girl-Power, Sexy self esteem-boosting, and crazy comical cutting LOOSE with my closest girlfriends one last unabashed time! What more could a girl want, than wonderfully playful sexy gifts --which she may not have the nerve to buy for herself-- to prepare her for her magical night with her lucky Romeo? This wildly creative party was a truly inspirational way to "jump start" a passion filled marriage! I felt like I'd won a pre-honeymoon shopping spree.

My best friend Heather initially told me that she and I were simply going to the San Diego Hotel Coronado for a restful weekend and facial treatments (she knows how to get my attention!). But when a limo arrived to take us, I knew something extra special was in store!! When we got there and checked into our room, I was SO shocked! There were all 12 of my best girlfriends with shrieking noisemakers and presents yelling 'surprise' , while cranking up the volume on some very loud strip tease music! A Large sign hung on the wall stating "Girls Only!" another sign said "It's All Over Now!" (a sarcastic sort of 'Don't Do it!") I knew this was going to be very Funny. The racy decorations were beyond outrageous, and shockingly classic! The girls proceeded to lure me into the dressing area where I was told this was 'HoneyMoon Fashion Night' 101 ! I was laughing SO HARD by now, and absolutley loved the idea. I had to admit, I was out of practice and had no time to lose. I was ready for my lesson! What I needed most, were shoes to go with all kinds of lingerie! I was so blessed to have my girls to the rescue.

While indulging in the fabulous goodies and Champagne festivities, I had to ask my two best friends, Heather and Jenna (they're the two that admitted planning it) How on EARTH they pulled this all together? They said it seemed hard at first, but they found everything they needed at "Something Sexy Planet.com", the Sexiest Online Superstore! And do these gifts EVER live up to that name! I am so glad I know about that website now, because I can recommend their ultra-creative and sexy gift ideas to all the other 'Brides to be', and their friends throwing the parties! Not to mention, now I MYSELF can discreetly purchase the items online in the future, (without ever having to walk into an adult shop) so I can continue to refresh our Newlywed fun!

My gifts were an absolute jaw-dropping blast! Adult toys that you'd have to
see to believe, and stunning lingerie! Teddies, theme outfits, nighties and yes- with super hot come-hither shoes to match! I was so excited and knew I was going to look like a brand new girl ! While we rehearsed fabulous X rated dance moves for my man, I concluded that the 'Red soft net and lace 3 piece skirt set' was my absolute favorite of the collection. This same gorgeous set will
also work perfectly for Valentine's Day later on! Everyone agreed. A delectible dinner was savored, over which we played "truth or else" rather than "truth or dare" which allowed my girlfriends to sit in a circle and tell me their personal 'do's and dont's' regarding their sexy honeymoon mistakes -OR
Successes!! Not only did they use comedic theatrical demonstration with some of the adult gifts, but these These X-rated antecdotes and tips were facetious and priceless! It was obvious that the Champagne helped with their hilarious honesty!

When there was a knock at the door, I was so nervous- What now? Was it Ben to surprise me? No, Jenna had hired a professional sex seminar speaker! This female sex professor, was such FUN but also remarkably informed! Her seminar taught us "How to increase sex drive right off the map," and "How to please your husband and drive him completley crazy!!" (In a good way that is.) There was a wonderful quiz at the end of the giggle-filled seminar! I know that I'll pass with flying colors on my REAL honeymoon, after graduating from my Bachelorette Party's schooling with such honors!

Check out time in the morning was heartbreaking for us all! But by the time I'd gathered and assessed all my fabulous presents the next day, I couldn't wait to get home to do my own rehearsal mini-fashion show in the mirror. What a once-in-a-lifetime memory we all shared. It bonded us forever even more. I
smiled to myself in the limo all the way home, realizing that I was going to be the most prepared, sexiest bride in the history of Honeymoons! They knew how to make me feel and look like a million bucks. And all I had to do was go to the greatest party ever! My fiancee is the greatest guy in the world, and he
deserves the very best honeymoon. Thanks to my girlfriends and "Something Sexy Planet.com", that is exactly what he is going to get.

It's Disney-like enough, to find the Prince Charming of our dreams! But on top of that, receiving a Cinderella-like unbridled (no pun intended!) Bachelorette Party to cherish forever and prepare you for 'The Ball' ? Nothing could better capture the joy of being a woman, while making you look and feel your absolute best. I'll never forget it. Times have truly changed and it's great.

These parties are NOT just for the Guys Anymore! After all, Everyone knows that "Girls Just Wanna Have fun!" And my Bachelorette Party blew that quote right out of the water.