Orient Express

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My school prom was awesome! This year I was a member of the Prom Committee and it was our job to come up with the ideas for themes for the Senior prom. They chose "Orient Express" and we had such a blast!

Since I was on the committee I received free tickets for myself and my date, Ted, a guy in my English lit. class I had a crush on. It was so exciting going with my other girlfriends shopping for prom gowns. I wanted something sophisticated, but not boring; sexy, but not trashy and within my budget. I found the perfect gown at a designer label outlet.

Ted and some of his friends pooled their money and rented a limo for the evening. I
He stopped at my house first and picked me up. I kept him waiting for a little while, but I think he didn't mind so much after he saw how great I looked. After he pinned the corsage on my dress, my mom took a picture of us for a memento. The limo picked up several other couples and Ted opened a bottle of sparkling apple juice so everyone could start partying.

When the limo pulled up to the school, all the guys helped their dates out and walked them inside. Everyone was impressed by the decor. We did our best to make the inside of the gym look as much like a train as possible; recreating the romance and mystery of this internationally famous railway. The walls of the gym were covered with cheap red fabric purchased at the fabric store. We had school artists make scenery murals, cut them into large squares to look like windows and hung them on opposite sides of the gym. We covered the ceiling in hundreds of red and black helium balloons.

A DJ next to the stage was playing popular music and there were lots of couples dancing. Tables were set up around the dance floor and covered with white tablecloths. On each table were little battery powered lanterns and crystal vases with a single red rose. There was a bottle of sparkling apple and white grape juice on each table along with plastic wine glasses.

Ted and I got in the buffet line. It had been set up on a large table covered with a red tablecloth and lace drape. There were all kinds of finger foods, mini-quiches, fried mozzarella sticks, egg rolls and bagle pizza. As well as more traditional British dishes like, tea sandwiches, scones and crumpets. We had all kinds of finger foods like mozzarella sticks. We wanted to have British food, but also familiar foods everyone would enjoy. Everything was really delicious.

Ted and I sat with some of our friends, and chatted about who we thought should win the title of prom King or Queen. Ted told me he voted for me which I thought was really sweet. After we finished eating everyone got out on the dance floor and the place really started rockin'.

After a little while the DJ took a break and announced the names of the prom King and Queen. I couldn't believe it when I heard my name called. I was nearly in tears when I went up on the stage at the back of the gym. Red track lights shone down on a podium of antique wood in front of an old-fashioned microphone. More red fabric was draped around the edge of the stage and on the wall behind it. I accepted the bouquet of red roses and applause of my classmates. After I danced with the prom King, Ted and I went out on the dance floor for a slow dance and I told him he was my King of the prom. That made him smile.

Ted and I had our picture taken in front of the photographer's backdrop which looked like old-world train station with passengers and a train in the background. The photo turned out so good I had it framed and gave Ted a copy.

Everyone had such a great time partying and dancing all evening. It was the best prom ever and I was so proud that I helped make it happen.