Moroccan or Arabian Nights

Moroccan or Arabian Nights party theme - thumbnail image

Decorate with pillars and fabrics, such as silk organza and satin fabrics in bright colors. For entertainment Belly dancers.

Event Types

Adults, Bachelor, Bachelorette, Corporate, Halloween, Valentines, Prom, dinner Party

Age Groups

Adults, Bachelor, Bachelorette Corporate, Halloween, Valentines, Prom, dinner Party


Large tent, Outdoors, or large room.


Tables draped in rich gold, reds, blues and orange fabrics. Lighting should be low with colored Moroccan lanterns.

Dress code

Costumes: Women: Long dresses heavy brass, jewelry, gold slippers. Men: Turbans long gowns, Barefoot.


Arabic Dance performers: Harem dancers, belly dance lessons, (for all better when everyone is a little inebriated.


Served by slaves or harm girls. On platters finger foods: Burrekas, grapes leaves, Moroccan "Cigars" Lamb kebabs cuscus. Drinks Mint tea, (poured from a feejon) Liquor- Arak, Moroccan beer. Dessert: Baklava


A sheik or pasha is traveling the land seeking a new mate all the women dress up in anticipation. have hookah pipes with flavored tobacco (use outside small, low tables tiled tops, harem girls, bringing fans. Give photos of belly dance lessons, or kissing a camel.