Foods Around The World

Foods Around The World party theme - thumbnail image

Entertainment according to foods being offered, such as Belly Dancing, Mariachi Band, County Band, Indian Dancing, Polynesian Dancing etc.

Event Types

"Adults Wedding Reunion Graduation Corporate"

Age Groups

Adults, Wedding, Reunion Graduation, single mixer


"Need large space for many booths: Italian, French, Mexican U.S.A./BBQ Greek Middle- Eastern Asian, etc. "


"Decorate each room and play music to match the country: Tablecloths, posters, curtains, signs, serving dishes, servers in costumes of the countries Posters, i.e.: France- Riviera or Paris street scene Italy- opera house Hawaii- beach "

Dress code

Guests may wear a costume from another country


Italian, Dj, Mariachi, Pop, Country, French, Greek, Middle-Eastern, Asian. Music according to foods that are being offered.


"Finger Foods or snacks, different desserts from each country. Liquors /wines, different styles of drinks from corresponding country. "


Send notes (love?) to other guests at party in a foreign language and they guess who sent them. Outdoor large area, park, back yard. Give out videos taken at party or small globes or maps with guests signatures on them.