Wedding Entertainers

Celebrity Look-Alikes
Shakespeare said, "all the world is a stage". However, for those of us who prefer our entertainment on a stage made of wooden boards, there are numerous kinds of entertainers and artists that can bring creativity, excitement and laughter to any type of event, party or wedding.

One form of entertainment that is universally appealing is an Actor or Actress impersonating public figures. An impersonator doing impressions of well-known celebrities, sporting personalities, political figures or pop and rock stars guarantees a laugh.

Celebrity Look-Alikes are not all that common, because the Impressionist needs to bear some resemblance to the person they are impersonating. If you’re trying to find that master entertainer for your wedding, who can look like, sound like and act like your favourite celebrity, well you've come to the right place.

Wedding Caricatures & Silhouettes
Remember back to when you were a child, packing up the car and heading to the local fairground. The anticipation of the rides, stalls and prizes and the sweet smells of candy floss and toffee apples in the air.
Do you remember Mum and Dad stopping by a stall to get a funny picture made of their face? Usually the cartoon picture made them resemble a character from the Looney Toons ! The whole family laughed as the caricature artist started to draw Dad with a tiny body and a huge head and Mum with giant red lips and rosy pink cheeks.
Mum never looked so good! When the masterpiece of cartooning was complete, the artist signed his work and you knew it was your turn to get in the chair and have the caricature artist sketch your face into any character you could imagine… you as a cowboy, or a space man, or a body builder with gigantic muscles. The possibilities were endless.
Of course you could pick silhouettes as well. They make beautiful family memoirs for the scrapbook. A Caricaturist also adds a unique type of entertainment to a wedding reception, corporate event or christmas party.

Wedding Magicians
We all love magic, illusions and tricks. We all ask. "How did he do that? ”A magician is a fantastic type of entertainment to enthrall the kids at a birthday party or to astound employees at a corporate dinner. There are skilled magicians for every age group and every function or celebration. A skilled magician, close up magician or illusionist will ensure that your guests remember your wedding for years to come.

Latin Dancers
Salsa Dancing is a popular form of dance for weddings. Salsa Dance is energetic, fun and stylish. Salsa Dancers are available at events either as the performer or as the Dance Instructor. The Latin Dance Instructor can be available prior to the event, to give the Bride and Groom, the guests or anyone in attendance of the event Mexican Dance and/or Latin Dance Instruction. Let the music move you and your guests into dance for an unforgettable night of magic and memories.

Caribbean Dancers
Caribbean dancing has its roots in African culture with traditional styles like the Mambo and Limbo. A live Caribbean dance performance is sure to capture your guests’ imaginations and make an already extraordinary event even more memorable.

Line, Country & Folk Dancers
Line, Country and Folk Dancing are the most popular forms of dance for events. A Line Dance performance is sure to capture your guests’ imaginations and make an already extraordinary event even more memorable. Line, Country and Folk Dancing is extremely sociable, bringing people of all ages together and the caller really keeps everyone on their toes at the wedding.

Irish Jig Dancers
Irish Jig Dancing is energetic, lively and simply a lot of fun. Irish jig dancing has its roots in ancient Celtic culture and accompanying wonderful traditional Irish Folk Music is sure to have your guests’ feet tapping. A live Irish Jig Dance performance is sure to capture your guests’ imaginations and make an already extraordinary event even more memorable. Irish Jog Dancers can be available at events either as the performers or as Dance Instructors for your guests.