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For our first anniversary, my husband gave me the most amazing first anniversary gift-- a romantic party just the two of us.

I was surprised by a dozen roses arriving at my work. Inside the gold trimmed envelope was a card. "To the lady of the desk" was printed in gold letters. I laughed and opened the card. Inside was an invitation written in beautiful calligraphy, " The lady of this desk is invited to a ball at the Prince's castle." The addess was at a local, hotel . The card was signed by my husband Frank. I could only guess what Frank had planned and my heart beat a little faster in anticipation. One of my co-workers came over and read the card over my shoulder. He snorted and said, "I don't see any lady at this desk!" I shoed him away like a fly with my hand and read the card again. While I was reading, my co-worker came around the front of my desk and snapped a picture of me. Later, Frank told me he had asked him to take a picture of my reaction to the flowers and card.

My husband was not home when I came home. A beautiful evening gown was laid on the bed for me with a box next to it. Inside were a pair of clear slippers. They looked like glass, but I think they were made of Lucite. I took a shower then put the gown on. I looked like a princess.

I answered doorbell and a lady with case was standing on the step. I thought she was selling something, She told me she was a make-up artist and had an appointment when I looked at her a little confused. I figured this was part of my husband's surprise and let her in. She styled my hair and make-up for the evening. I had a great time chatting with her. She told me how she wished her husband would do something like this for her, but it wasn't his style. Just as she was leaving the door bell rang again. Who was it now?

I opened the door and a man in a three-piece tuxedo and top hat with mouse ears pasted to the sides. was standing there. I giggled but he kept a straight face leading me outside where a Cinderella pumpkin coach was waiting. Two pure white horses were hitched to the coach. As the man helped me inside, I could hardly breathe I was so overcome with amazement at how much effort Frank had put into this night. I couldn't wait to see him--my Prince.

The ride to the hotel only took about ten minutes. People waved at me from their cars. I waved back feeling like a real princess.

The coach driver stopped the horses and coach. He told me the name of the banquet room and wished me a happy anniversary. I rushed to the door, but it opened before I touched the handle and Frank stood in the door way wearing a tuxedo with tails. He had a single red rose in his hand. The room was gorgeous. It was decorated in golden tones from the baroque chandeliers, the cornices and accents on the walls to the oriental print carpet on the floor. It looked like a piece of a dream. A table was set all in white--the linens, the china and a pair of candles. A man a man was playing a waltz on the grand piano next to the wood parquet dance floor.

I was so overwhelmed I could only stand staring at him. Frank smiled, stepped forward and kissed me lightly. "Happy Anniversary", was all he said. My eyes filled up with tears, but he kissed me again and then led me onto the dance floor.

After our dance he led me to the table and I saw a small white box sitting on the cushion of my chair. I picked it up seeing the gift card, "For my princess." it said. I looked at Frank, "Go on open it." he said.
Inside the box was some tissue paper. I pulled it out revealing the stunning gold wire and aurora borealis crystal crown inside. I stared at it a moment before taking it out. Frank took it from my trembling hands placing it on my head.

Beneath the covers on our plates was a delicioius dinner of filet mignon, asparagus and potatoes au gratin. Before we began eating, Frank filled each of our crystal flute glasses with Champagne and proposed a toast to our first year of marriage. I felt so lucky to have him to love on our wedding day, but I never believed I could be even happier a year later. Dinner was delicious and we drank the entire bottle of Champagne. We ate, talked, laughed and danced the evening away.

After a while we decided it was time to go home. The coach was waiting for us and we asked the driver take us around the streets for a while, so we could just enjoy the night and being together. I felt just like Cinderella, I never wanted the night to end.