Balloons & Sky Lanterns

Wedding Balloon Decorations
No wedding would be complete without those fun and colorful decorations called balloons. Balloons and Balloon Decor add just the right touch to the occasion. There are so many ways balloons can be arranged that the possibilities are literally endless. Balloon decorations add a sense of fun and color to any event and come in an enormity of shapes and sizes: hearts, stars, moons, cartoon characters etc. The list is endless.

Some vendors specialise in Balloon Art and can provide balloon bouquets for entrance d?cor, balloon trees, balloon arches, balloon sculptures and table centerpieces. Balloons can be skillfully twisted and sculptured to make balloon animals, balloon flowers, balloon swords and countless other items. Balloon water bombs are really fun and entertaining at kid’s birthday parties.

Balloons and balloon decor and services are available from specialised balloon suppliers and balloon artists or any party vendor that sells party supplies and party favours.

Wedding Floating Lanterns
Sky lanterns are one of the most visually thrilling forms of entertainment. As well as for the traditional Bonfire Night and party celebrations, a beautiful sky lantern display is a wonderful finale to a wedding, birthday or other celebratory event.
Sky lanterns can be purchased from sky lantern and sky candle suppliers, they come in all different sizes, colours and shapes, from heart candles to hat shapes, they are an amazing sight to see, and are often mistaken for UFOs!
Floating lanterns are an unusual product that can replace fireworks and candles to enhance and upgrade your wedding, party or any other special event!

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