Army Base

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My company has a picnic every year, for all of its employees. This year, the theme of the picnic was "You're in the Army Now."

This year, the picnic was at the county fairgrounds. Olive drab T-shirts with "Boot Camp"printed on the front and the company logo on the back were handed out to all the guests as they entered. All of the kids could have fun going through the pretend boot camp's an obstacle course. An actor dressed as a drill sargeant had them doing push ups, sit ups and marching drills. Every teen adult that went though boot camp got to play paintball and the kids 12 and under could play Lazertag. There was also a huge platform set up for bungee jumping. I could not believe my husband made five bungee jumps! They also had this huge fan that simulated the effect of free falling. My husband first put on a sky diving helmet and jumpsuit that had tethers on it (to keep him from accidentally getting too high or too close to the edge of the air cushion created by the fan). He stood on the metal grill covering the fan and when it was turned on the force of the air lifted him thirty feet! A photographer got some amazing great pictures of him flying.

People could go swimming and water-skiing down at the lake if they prefered a more relaxing picnic. There were also a half dozen jet skis. Just before dinner an announcer informed us there would be was a special jet-ski daredevil performace put on by professional jet-skiers. My husband and I watched the show and it was spectacular.

Fortunately, the food was not like the food served in an army mess hall though it was served on steel tray and the caterers even slapped the mashed potatoes on your plate... plop! Everyone was also given a choice of steak, chicken, or fish. The server shouted your order to the cook standing over the grill and he would repeat holler it back just as loudly. The food was mostly standard picnic fare potato salad, cole slaw, barbequed beans, corn-on-the- cob. There was delicious apple pie and peach cobbler for desert. There was lemonade, and sodas for everyone and wine and beer for the adults.

After dinner, our company CEO addressed "the troops" awarding medals for the winners in the games of Lazertag and paintball. There were also some humorous awards like, "GI Joe/Jane" for the person who went through boot camp the most times and "One man army" for the guy in paint ball who captured the other teams flag single handedly after all his other teammates had been eliminated.

Just after dark there was a firework show set to marching band music. It was really spectacular it made me feel really patriotic.

My husband and I had a great time. It was really fun being in the Army for one day.