Roast party theme - thumbnail image

Same as previous theme "THIS IS YOUR LIFE" Biographical sketch of a person's life & Achievements.

Event Types

Corporate Event, Valentine's Day, Dinner Party, Reunion

Age Groups

Corporate Event, Valentine's Day, Dinner Party, Reunion


Dance Floor, tables around for eating and networking. All tables should be able to see the slide show.


Bottle of champagne on each table with fine dinnerware and champagne flutes. Picture of honoree part of centerpiece at each table white table linens, colorful flowers on tables. Each guest takes home embossed champagne flute (name of honoree on it) & CD of party. Honoree and family after the party to a picture sequel scene.

Dress code

Dress in tuxedos for men, long dresses for women.


Ballroom Dancing after the presentation


Food & Drink: Serve appetizers and cocktails prior to presentation of honoree. (roving waiters). Cocktails/wine served after presentation.


Host uses power point to show photos or pieces of honoree's work on the screen while describing that particular eve. Speakers only tell funny stories/jokes about the honoree. Formal sit done dinner. Indoor event: Large room or ranted hall- large enough for guests, tables, chairs, bar, dance floor but group should fill the room (not be lost in it) Head table for honoree and family. They make a toast to honoree before dinner. Guest should shake hands with honoree and family as they leave. Screen presentations are optional.