Peter Pan

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My daughter Sarah's fiancee, Ron called me up asking for help him planning a surprise engagement party for my daughter. He wanted to ask her to marry him in a romantic way, and also in front of their closest friends and family. He chose the theme of Peter Pan. It was such a beautiful event I want share it with others.

We decorated the walls of the hall with backdrops of the darkened streets of london. Large fans created a gentle breeze.

The guests all had been told the location, date and time of the party and that it was a secret from Sarah. Everyone showed up wearing either nighties, pajamas, or dressed as one of the Lost Boys. Sarah's younger brothers, Mark and Brian, came dressed as Wendy's brothers, John and Michael. Sarah's father and I were Mr. and Mrs. Darling. Sarah's best friend, Amy, came as Tinkerbell, and Ron's parents dressed as Captain Hook and Mr. Snee!

You might be wondering how we planned to getting Sarah to the hall in her own nightie, but we knew that would be impossible so her father and I said we were taking her out to dinner and suggested she wear a certain white cotton dress that Ron liked so much as we would be meeting him there. She was a little suspicous, but she never guessed what was in store for her.

Sarah was so surprised when she entered the hall. She still didn't have a clue why all her friends and family were there, dressed in their night clothes and Peter Pan characters.

Ron's father shined a hand held spotlight at the ceiling where Ron was suspended by a cable. He was dressed as Peter Pan and was slowly lowered to the ground in front of Sarah. Her hands went to her mouth as he kneeled, took her hand and popped the question. Before she could say a word he opened the rose shaped ring box revealing a goergous engagement ring with sparkling diamonds. She was so overcome with joy she could only nod at first, but as Ron hugged her she found her voice and said, "Yes!" A photographer was standing by and captured the romantic scene on film.

After Sarah changed into her Wendy costume everyone started getting in line for the buffet. There was so much food : Baked fish, prime rib, and chicken breasts with mashed or baked potatoes, peas and carrots or mixed steamed vegetables. Everything was so delicious. There was soda and lemonade for everyone and wine for the adults.

When everyone had finished dinner, everyone participated in a hunt for a
plush crocodile with a clock tied to its belly which was hidden somewhere in the room. The prize for finding it was a dinner for two at very nice restaurant or a trip to Never Never Land, whichever was closer. Everyone had fun trying to figure out the clues on the maps we passed out to all the guests.

When it was time for "Peter Pan" and "Wendy" to leave, Amy (Tinkerbell) sprinkled silvery glitter pixie dust on Sarah then she and Ron left the hall and got into the elevator to go up their room in the hotel. The rest of us stayed for a few more waltzes.