Pajama Party

Pajama Party party theme - thumbnail image

Guest are asked to come prepared to tell about a Dream you had (can be funny, sexy, fantasy, etc.

Event Types

Adults, engagement, Bachelor, Bachelorette, anniversary

Age Groups

"Adults, Couples, Engagement, Singles, Anniversary "


Pillows, sofas, blanket on the floor.


People lounge on pillows/sofas/ on floor

Dress code

Any kind of Pajamas


Soft background music


Pass food around: Small finger food, Drinks: all types in paper cups.


Volunteers act out a dream in a impromptu way with a "beautiful, sexy girl in your dream but Dream is interrupted by: "Fake" police getting "disturbing the peace" cal or "barking dog" call and appearing at the door of the party house. Give guests tooth-brushes or T- shirt that says " I had a crazy dream and all I got was this T-shirt"