Who should I invite? Should guests be allowed to bring friends and family?

We hold corporate events for several different reasons whether it be for a holiday party, an annual meeting, a fundraiser, or to motivate and give recognition to employees. The first thing you’ll need to figure out is the purpose for your event and if you want it to be casual or formal. If you’re throwing a formal work related event such as a meeting then you probably will want to invite employees only. Make sure to word on the invitations that it is an employee only event as well as the dress code. If you’re throwing a casual event such as a holiday party or employee recognition ceremony then you can specify on the invitations that guests are encouraged to bring their spouse or another plus one to the event. Take note that the more attendees you have the more space you’ll need and the more money you’ll spend on food and drink. Although, most employees will probably enjoy bringing their loved ones because it means their colleagues will get a taste of their home life while their family members can learn more about their work environment.