What should the Mitzvah child wear to his ceremony/party?

It is important that the honorees as well as the guests are dressed appropriately. A Bar Mitzvah is a holy ceremony taking place in a synagogue so therefore guests should dress according to the standards of the synagogue. In most synagogues it is customary that the gentleman are dressed their best in a suit and tie and that girls are dressed in a skirt or dress in an outfit that is not too tight, short, or revealing. Boys are expected to wear a kippah the entire time they are in the synagogue and in orthodox temples, women are required to cover their heads as well. If it you’re the Mitzvah child be sure to dress your best in an outfit you feel confident in, as you will be the center of attention for most of the day. Another factor to be wary of is that a lot of boys and girls decide to have a big party after the ceremony which usually takes place somewhere else like a banquet hall. Some girls choose to change into a more fun and comfortable dress for the party and therefore purchase two outfits for the occasion.