What is a sweet and original way to ask a guy/girl to prom?

Asking someone out to prom is a once in a life time event so you’ll want to make sure you do it right. One helpful hint to get you started is to think of things that are significant to your relationship, that way the event will seem more thoughtful and personal. For example, if you met your hopeful date in cooking class then you could bake a cake or cupcakes with the words “Be my Prom date?” written on it. Another good strategy is to plan something with an element of surprise. For example you can ask the person to get something for you that you left by the lunch table, but then set it up so that when she (or he) arrives there are dozens of balloons and candles set up to spell “Prom?”. Some other ideas include: writing a message on a scroll and putting it in a bottle, making a photo montage of you with written signs, decorating her entire room or car with roses, chocolates, or balloons, or writing the questions on some type of food, chalk board, or any other relevant item. There are plenty of ways to ask your hopeful date to prom, just make sure to make it sweet and thoughtful and they are sure to accept your offer. A little humor couldn’t hurt either!