What food should we serve at the prom dinner? Should it be buffet style or sit down?

You have several options when planning how to serve dinner at prom. You can either do a buffet style, a sit-down dinner, or just have h’ordeuvres and finger foods. Buffets are always nice because it gives guests the freedom to eat as little or as much as they want of whatever they like whenever they please. It is also most likely your cheapest option. Serving h’ordeuvres and finger foods are a bit more expensive than a buffet for less food. However this is a great option if your venue is not large enough to accommodate seating for everyone. And just like a buffet, h’ordeuvres style allows guests to eat as much as they want when they want. Although since there will probably be no utensils, this is also the messiest option and can lead to some ruined prom dresses. Oi Vey! The most traditional, yet most expensive option is the sit-down dinner. A sit-down dinner is very formal complete with a set menu and servers that come right to your table. Some disadvantages may be wasted food and having to appeal to everyone’s tastes and dietary restrictions. No matter how you choose to serve dinner, try to have some salads, as well as a main chicken, beef, and vegetarian entrée. And don’t forget about dessert!