What are some Valentine’s Day themed party games and activities for kids?

Whether you’re a mother throwing a child’s Valentine’s Day party or a teacher celebrating the holiday with your students in the classroom, there are several things you can do to ensure the children stay entertained while feeling the romantic holiday spirit. The easiest way to do this is to put a Valentine twist on some classic games such as Valentine bingo, Guess how many chocolate kisses in the jar, Valentines heart hunt, Pin the heart on the Cupid, and Musical chairs using large heart shaped mats that you place on the floor in a circle. One really nice and confidence boosting game to play with children is “What I Like about You”. In this game, children have to write down at least three things that they like about the person who is sitting next to/across from them. Another fun activity is something we call “Unbreak my Heart” and is played by taking heart shaped paper and cutting them in half in different ways. Every child is given a half and must go around the room and find the person with other half of their heart.