What are some things that make a great haunted house?

Haunted houses are great Halloween tradition and can actually be really fun to set up. From hanging skeletons to jumping clowns you can make your haunted house as large and extravagant as you please. The most important factor of a haunted house is darkness. It doesn’t have to be pitch-black as you’ll often have glowing props or candles, but darkness is a must. It helps if you cover the walls in black sheets or black plastic trash bags. Features you can add to your haunted house include a fog machine, moving/talking props, shrunken heads, specimen jars with eyeballs and internal organs, bloody knives, bleeding hearts, flickering lights, scary music, sounds of an evil laugh or sounds of pain, coffins, clowns, skeletons, and skulls with glowing eyes. It’s also a good idea to have a few people dressed up in scary costumes that scare the guests as they wander through.