What are some things I can do if I really want to scare my guests?

While some like to celebrate Halloween in a more light hearted fashion, others thoroughly enjoy the Halloween ritual of being scared and scaring others. If you’re part of the ladder there are several things you can plan to really scare the pants off your unsuspecting guests. One classic prank that works every time (if you did it right) is the old lifeless dummy routine. For this prank you’ll need to dress someone up as a Halloween dummy such as a zombie or mummy. Have this person lay ragdoll-like on the porch and then have him jump up and scream as soon as someone walks by or comes near. All your guests are sure to jump. Another classic frightening trick involves a box on a table with a hole running through both. Fill the box with treats and then have someone hiding under the table. Whenever someone sticks their hand in for a candy, the person under the table grabs their hand and scares the living daylight out of the unsuspecting guest. Other ideas include setting up a haunted house and setting up noise activated giant spiders that drop from the ceiling when someone is near.