What are some quinceanera traditions?

Quinceaneras are cultural and religious events filled with many traditions. The main traditional elements of a quinceanera are faith, food, dance, and of course family and friends. The honoree usually wears a ball gown and is escorted by a date. She also has a court consisting of either 14 girls and 14 boys or 7 girls and 7 boys who along with her, total 15 couples/people. During the reception there is a practiced Waltz (Vals) performed by the birthday girl and her court. There is also almost always a toast to the quinceanera girl with specially decorated champagne glasses. During the ceremony several gifts are given to the quinceanera that symbolize different things. These items include a tiara, a bracelet, a ring, earrings, a cross or medal, a doll, a flower bouquet, a bible and a rosary. There are also some additional items that are sometimes given, but are not as traditional.