What are some NYE-themed games and activities guests can play?

If you’re throwing more of an intimate gathering rather than a blow out bash, you might want to plan a couple games to get everyone comfortable and having a few laughs. You can play the usual party games like “Never Have I Ever” and “Flip Cup”, as well trying to some NYE themed games. For example you can play “Charades” or “Trivia”, but make all the questions and subjects about people, movies, or events that were popular in the passed year. You can also play a game we call “Guess Whose Resolution” in which guests write down their New Year’s resolutions on a piece of paper and the other guests guess which resolution goes with which person. Another funny game we’ve heard of that isn’t NYE related, but absolutely hilarious is the “Guess Who Game”. Guests are blindfolded and must guess who the other person is only by touching them with a wooden spoon. Another fun idea is to give out awards to your guests at the end of the night such as “Best Dancer”, “Best Breakup of the Year” and “Most Improved”.