What are some Halloween themed food and drinks?

Like the decorations and costumes, Halloween is a time to get really creative with the food and drink you serve, focusing especially on the creepy presentation. There are hundreds of great recipes to choose from; all you have to do is look! You might even want to try making up your own food and drink recipes or putting a horrific twist on some of your favorite dishes and cocktails. Since we can’t possibly write down every spooky recipe and drink idea we like, we’ll give you a couple tricks for your freaky treats. One of the easiest ways to spook up your cakes, cookies and truffles is to use frosting to decorate the desserts, turning them into spiders, tomb stones, eyeballs, witches, pumpkins, Frankensteins, ghosts, or whatever other scary things you can think of. Other ideas include adding food coloring or faces to certain dishes like turning your cheese balls into pumpkins, jell-o molds into brains and your beverages into blood. One great trick for cocktails and haunted punches is to add fake eyeballs made either by putting grapes into lychee fruit or stuffed olives into a half peeled radish (best for martinis). If you want to serve up a witch’s concoction, serve your punch in a cauldron and add dry ice. The ice will make it look as though some serious hocus pocus fog is steaming out. And don’t forget about the classic brain hemorrhage cocktail which is creepy all on its own.