What are some good bachelor/bachelorette party games?

What would a bachelor/bachelorette party be without any awesome and totally embarrassing games? There are dozens of fun games to play from the classics to some more creative ones. Some classic games you can play are card games with naughty cards, bachelor party word search, never have I ever, drink or dare, pin the breasts/penis on the body, and how well do you know the bride/groom? One fun activity and good way to break the ice is to start off by having all the guests share a funny story about the bachelor/bachelorette. Another popular idea is to have a scavenger hunt filled with silly things the bachelor/bachelorette has to accomplish. For joint parties, guests can play competitive games between the sexes or the Mardi Gras game. For this game each guest starts off with an equal number of beads and gives away his beads to whoever flashes him. The person who loses all of his beads first buys a drink for the person who ends up with the most beads.