What are some fun ideas for a kid’s New Year’s Eve party?

If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party for children then you’ll want to plan out some activities and entertainment for them. Depending on their age you can choose to throw a Pajama party, a Dance Party, or a themed party. You can have the children watch movies, play games, and play with party poppers. If you want to plan some arts and crafts you can have the kids each color a piece of paper with a number on it from 1-10. Then they can put them up during the countdown. You can also have the children draw a big “Happy New Year” sign, decorate party hats, or bake a NYE dessert. Another good idea is to have all the children go around and say their New Year’s resolutions and to give out awards at the end of the night, such as “Best Sister” or “Basketball Player of the Year” award.