What are some decoration ideas?

When it comes to holiday parties, decorating is half the fun! Some traditional ideas include hanging up stockings, decorating the tree, and putting out Christmas lights, homemade wreaths, holiday trimmings, and Christmas centerpieces. If you want to be frugal while still being creative, try some do it yourself decorations such as homemade centerpieces made with cranberries, holly and ribbon. Other inexpensive ideas include making popcorn strings and hanging up paper cut out snowflakes. You should try making your tableware Christmas themed too, by using green and red plates and forks as well as a holiday themed table cloth. Also try decorating with winter themed items you already have around the house like warm scarves and ice skates. If you’re on a tight budget, just focus on a green, red, and white color scheme with some winter decorations and you’ll be sure to have a beautifully decorated event.