Is it best to mail invitations, hand them out at school, or send them all out online?

It seems now a days there are so many different ways to hand out party invitations from at school to email to snail mail. Recently however, a lot of schools have decided to stop letting children give out birthday invitations at school because they feel that kids who aren’t invited will feel left out. Although in some cases, handing out invitations at school is allowed only if everyone in the class is invited. Another way to send invitations is to mail them all to the homes of your guests. The only downside to this is that it takes a few days and that you might have to search to get everyone’s address if they’re not all on the class roster. Sending E-vites is a great option because they’re quick, free, and easy for guests to RSVP to. They’re also handy because unlike paper invitations, you can’t misplace them and be lost without the directions, start time, or other vital information.