How do I choose a theme that is creative, but broad enough to appeal to everyone?

The most important aspects to think about when picking a prom theme for your high school is picking something that is unique to your school and that hopefully encompasses the feel of your entire student body. Try to choose a theme that you can pair with a catchy title, distinctive decorations, and maybe even a class song. Remember that you can’t always please everyone, but you can please most people. Some creative theme ideas include: A Night on the Nile, Born to Be Wild, Cirque du Soleil, An Evening in (choose location), Vegas Night, Enchantment under the Sea, Bollywood Nights, Heaven on Earth, The Roaring 20s, Hollywood Nights, Masquerade Ball, Once upon a Time, Paris Je t’aime, Neon Nights, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Into the Wild, Jungle Fever, Caribbean Nights, A Night at the Oscars, Arabian Nights, Carnival, New York New York, and Our Secret Garden.