How can I create an Anti-Valentine’s Day party?

These days, a lot of singles have decided to not waste their Valentine’s Day moping around and evil eyeing happy couples, but instead to celebrate with an Anti-Valentine’s Day party. These events are not meant to be pity parties, but more of a celebration of being single. First off you’ll want to remind guests that no one is allowed to wear red or pink or to even mention the V word. You can bake heart shaped cookies with cracks running down the middle and even have a heart shaped piñata for guests to hit. Other ideas include playing breakup scrabble and sharing worst date stories. If you have a bonfire pit or fireplace then encourage guests to bring any old Valentine’s cards or photos that remind them of their ex. Think of this party as a way for guests to let go of any hurt and animosity they may have harbored from past relationships so that they may start fresh.