Does the plan for the party have to be a surprise or is it better to talk it over with the bride/groom beforehand?

Past experience suggests that it is not such a great idea to have a surprise bachelor/bachelorette party. The time of this party is so close to the wedding that throwing a surprise bachelor party may bring more stress to the guest of honor than relieve it. And even if the party is planned, be sure to go over some of the key activities with the honoree beforehand to ensure that they are comfortable with your plans. Remember that it is their day, and although some ideas may seem hilarious to you and your mates, it may be terribly humiliating and not fun for your guest of honor. This isn’t to say that you can’t add a few surprises to the event, as long as you’re sure your bachelor/bachelorette will be okay with it (or at least get over it).