Think Spectacular - Think Fireworks


Fireworks are a great way to mark any celebration and a wedding is no exception. A professional firework company can stage a display to suit most price ranges.

From a short barrage of 'chrysanthemum' type shells exploding high in the night sky as the couple leave their reception - to a full display coordinated to music lasting as long as the budget can manage. Extras can include the couple's initials blazing in coloured fire or firework champagne bottles complete with 'foaming sparks' gushing out.

Some companies are also be able to provide such items as balloons full of confetti bursting over the dance-floor at a distinctive moment or powerful confetti cannons for the reception.

A good, professional firework company, will be able to advise what is best for your budget and location, find out exactly what you want from them and help your wedding stand out as a true celebration. When booking a firework display company always ensure you are getting what you want and not what they are trying to force upon you. Check that the company has adequate insurance cover and, if possible, are a member of an active trade association such as the CBI Explosive Industry Group (CBI EIG) or the British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA).

The display itself should consist of a variety of fireworks and may be colour coordinated with your wedding scheme or include any special effects that you ask for.

The best time for a display is often as the bride and groom leave the reception however this can often be late in the evening and a display at this time can upset local residents and animals. Also by this time many of the older and much younger guests may have left and would miss out on the spectacle so an earlier display would be more appropriate.