How to choose a Wedding Dress

The first time that I seen my current fiance I jumped through my car window to met him. I was friends with his sister and I was there to pick her up. Well when her brother came out I literally jumped out of my car through the passenger side window. Good thing the window was open. We still laugh about it to this day. We have been together for 3 wonderful years and are planning to get married in August 2008.

I wanted to tell you in just a few sentences how to choose your Wedding Dress:

1) where to buy/hire from?

As close as you can to where you live. Why? You may need 4-5 fittings from the second you choose the dress till you wear it on your wedding day.

2) How do I choose the Wedding Dress Fabrics?

There are many types of fabrics. Here are a few: Duchess Satin, Silk Georgette, Organza, Tulle, Chiffon, Taffeta, Italian Satin, Valvet, Crepe and many more.
Ask your wedding dress maker/provider what would look best on you.

3) what types of dresses are there?

There are dozens of types and combinations of Wedding dresses.
Dress Necklines: The neckline is a very important feature on a wedding dress. Not only is it the part of the dress people spend the most time looking at, but it's also the one that draws attention to the face, the collarbone, and the décolletage (the low-cut neckline on a woman's dress).
Ask your dress maker what will suit you best: High Collar, Asymmetrical, Spaghetti Strap, Strapless, Halter, V-neck and more.

4) should I get a brand dress?

Yes, but it's more expensive. I know only a few types of dresses you also may have heard of: Pronovias Deusto, Maggie Sottero, Jenny Packham (great dresses), My Lady and a few more but I can't remember the names.

5) should I buy or hire? Personally I think you should hire a wedding dress. Why to hire? Will you ever wear it again? When you have a few babies you'll never fit into that dress again and feel bad about yourself. You only want to get married once. If you get married again you will NOT wear the same dress again. Why to buy? You may want to remember how beautiful you looked on that day. You may want to give it to your daughter, some things are worth keeping and you have the space for it.

Again, I'd rather hire one and not buy it. But that's me.

I hope I helped you by passing on my knowledge to you,


NOTE: Use the ADDRESS BOOK to gether service suppliers and communicate with them. at the bottom of each page you can send the list to a friend and share the information with others. this option is frequently used by Event Planners and Wedding Coordinators.