Superheros party theme - thumbnail image

I wanted a special theme for my son Bobby's fifth birthday party. I wanted the party to be something he would remember all his life. I quickly decided the theme should be something he loves: Superheroes. It would be a blast having ten five-year-old superheroes running around the house trying to save the world.

The first thing I did was make the invitations from a picture of Bobby in his favorite Superhero costume, Aquaman. I pasted the color copy on the front of the card. Inside I wrote the party details: Location, date and time and that the guests should dress as their favorite Superhero.

Bobby woke up at 7:00AM the day of the party dressed as Aquaman. He was so hyper I'm surprised he stayed awake until 12. While he was running around the house I decorated it with red, white and blue Balloons, superhero themed crepe paper and birthday banners.

It wasn't until the guests started arriving I was beginning to realize I might be the only adult, but three of the moms stayed to help supervise the kids. We had a Batman, two Supermen, Robin, Spiderman and even a Wonder Woman. They were a tremendous help.

Since the kids were getting a little rowdy playing-out their characters we took them to the back yard. The duplicate Supermen pretended to be clones, one evil, one good. It was so funny. A videographer everything, but I also took photos. When the kids started getting hungry so we all went inside for lunch.

The dining room table was covered by a paper superheroes themed tablecloth with matching napkins, plates and cups. The party store had so many different themed party boxes with superheros it was hard to choose until I noticed there was only one with Aquaman on it. Lunch was hot dogs with everything and French fries. The kids loved everything, except Bobby who doesn't like relish. The moms enjoyed the salad I made with cucumbers, avocado, tomatoes, feta cheese with an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I also opened a bottle of wine for the moms.They loved it.

The cake was decorated by the grocery store bakery. It had American flag in the center with plastic superhero figures standing around it. "Happy Birthday Bobby" was written in light blue gel acros the center of the flag. The kids really liked the blue bubble gum ice-cream I served with it. The kids were happy.

After the meal the kids went out back and played until they were tired and went home. I've never seen Bobby actually want to go to bed or sleep so soundly as he did that night.