It Was Really Wet

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One of my girlfriends went to this wild, fun party last weekend. It sounded so great, I just have to pass it on!

First, Dana, (that's my friend) got this phone invitation from her girlfriend, Stephanie, who is getting married soon. Stephanie asked her to come to her bachelorette party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Stephanie told her she had reserved a suite and there would be about nine girls there. She also told Dana to bring some nice p.j.'s to wear because the party was going to be very CASUAL.

The valet at the hotel was very cordial when he took her car to park it in the garage. The doorman held the door open for her as she entered the lobby. She waited only a moment for the elevator and was headed up to the party suite.

As she knocked on the door, Dana could hear beautiful music coming from inside. Stephanie answered the door and welcome her. Dana could tell the party was in full swing! There was a good looking guy dressed in a tuxedo with tails playing a nocturne by Chopin on the baby grand piano at far end of the suite. The soft lighting was provided by white pillar candles of every size placed on china saucers on the fireplace mantle and on every table, and counter top in the room. All the couches and chairs were draped in velvet of a delicate shade of rose pink. Everywhere were huge down pillows to sink into. In the center of the room something was concealed with rose pink satin drapes.

All the girls were comfortable in their sexy satin and lace sleepwear.

On the side of the room opposite the piano, was a table covered with red satin linens. It was adorned with gorgeous arrangements of pink and white roses There were also delectable appetizers served by an equally delectable young and gorgeous guy, wearing a white tux. He served all the food and poured the girls drinks with a dazzling smile.

Dana told me about one of the fun games they played. It was called "Who is he?" There were twenty pictures of actors, models, recording artists and some sports figures posted on the wall. Each girl was given a list of clues to help them figure out the name that went with the face. The clues were everything from the name of a band, or name of a magazine to a name of a sports team or name of position played. The girl who was the first to match the correct name with the correct face would win a prize associated with him--for example, a copy of his album or magazine subscription to the publication he was featured in. It sounded like so much fun I wished I had been there.

Dana told me it got even better when Stephanie said she had a surprise for for everyone. She pulled on the end of a tasseled cord and the curtain fell away revealing a large hot tub. The water was already bubbling and steaming. All the girls took off their tops and began getting into the the tub. Dana never expected, the waiter to take off his jacket and begin disrobing down to a skinny little bikini. He had a great body and all the girls were thrilled to have him slide into the jacuzzi with them. The music stopped as the pianist got up and began to strip. He opened a bottle of Champagne, put a disc into the CD player, and joined the fun. Now there were two guys in the pool with the girls! (Of course, Stephanie had planned all this, but none of the girls knew that at the time). The pianist were passing around the Champagne while everyone took turns telling jokes and playing all kinds of "touchy-feely" games. Everyone had a great time!

Of course, Stephanie took Polaroid pictures of each girl and the activities going on in the hot tub. A little while later everyone got out of the hot tub and started dancing with the guys. The party went until the wee hours of the night. The girls each got a picture of themselves, in their sexy sleep wear with one guy on each arm to take home as a memento. Dana better hope her boyfriend doesn't ever see that picture.

After the guys left, the girls set up a video camera while everyone lounged on pillows on the floor while Stephanie read some steamy stories from a romance magazine. Everyone took turns reading each short story. At the end, every girl named something she wished her boyfriend would do in the bedroom to please her. The group took a votes to see if everyone agreed it was too kinky or not. Lots of discussion and laughter preceeded every vote.

Each girls was sent a copy of the video a week later so she could show it to her partner if she desired. The video might be used by a couple as a "self help" manual to improve relationship or just an entertaining review of the party.