Honeymoon in Costa Rica

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A friend of mine has been with her significant other for 12 years. They have two children, 11 and 9 years old, and they just got married. I guess they wanted to be sure the family thing would work out. It was a beautiful ceremony. Her son was the best man and her daughter the maid of honor. They are a close family so when it came time to think about a honeymoon, they decided to include the kids. (The wedding night was spent alone at a very expensive hotel.) After some family discussion, they decided to visit Costa Rica.

Well let me tell you, even with the kids, the vacation to Costa Rica was amazing. Upon their return, my girlfriend raved about the unbelievable experience they had. Costa Rica's beauty was breathtaking, its climate perfect and the activities and sites to be seen like nothing they'd ever experienced. From pristine beaches to active volcanoes and rainforest fun, Costa Rica is both an ideal honeymoon location and family vacation.

Our friends flew to San Jose then took a small plane for a brief flight to their vacation spot. The beginning of their trip was spent at a small luxury hotel with an immaculate beach and several places to relax and take in your surroundings. There were hammocks by the beach, a swimming pool with an ocean view, lounge chairs under a bamboo awning, and lush grounds for leisure walks.

Of course you can't relax too much with kids in tow so there was also a broad range of activities to occupy your time. First up, our friends went sport fishing. Costa Rica is at the forefront of amazing deep-sea adventures and the trip did not disappoint. The boat ride itself was fun, but when the kids got fishing poles in their hands and instructions on how to make a catch, they were grinning from ear to ear. Costa Rica's fertile Pacific Coast includes an abundance of marlin, tuna, and other big game fish. Their expedition proved fruitful when their son, Jake, caught a yellow fin tuna. He had some assistance reeling it in and got to bring it back to the hotel where the chef prepared his catch for the family's dinner.

The next day our friends partook in a truly exhilarating experience. They went on what's called a Canopy Adventure. Basically you get to zip from tree-top to tree-top
like your part of the natural habitat. Through a system of steel cables, aerial platforms, and professional climbing gear, you float, dream-like through the heights of the forest. The tour is unbelievable. A specialized guide assists with the experience and our friends couldn't get enough. They took the most amazing pictures on this truly unique activity. The kids are still talking about it and have been trying to rig their own version in their backyard.

The family also went for a hike and caught sight of howler monkeys, beautifully colored parakeets, huge iguanas and other rainforest animals. Imagine being so close to animals you've only seen at zoos. It was a great way to balance the forest experience – they'd seen it from the top, now from the bottom.

One evening our friends left the kids in the hotel room with room service and were close by to indulge in a private beach side dinner. Remember, it is a honeymoon. A private table was fully set right on the sand and surrounded by beautiful shoreline greenery. Torches illuminated the table as the ocean surf played a calming melody. The gourmet food was delectable and our friends finally enjoyed a glass of wine while gazing into each other's eyes.

A short flight delivered our friends back to San Jose and they rented a car for a 4-hour drive to Arenal Volcano, one of nine volcanoes in Costa Rica. The drive was through idyllic countryside and they stopped at several small towns along the way. They reached their new lodging and checked in before heading out to see Arenal Volcano's splendor. The volcano is in a lush green valley and visitors are privy to red-hot lava displays and earth-shaking thunder. Our friends were startled by its power and the kids were so excited to be witness to a real volcano in action (not just the fake one their dad made and poured baking soda and vinegar in to make erupt).

On their last day the kids were asked what they would like to do. They immediately responded with a Canopy Tour. In fact, it was on everybody's mind. And since they were in a new and different part of Costa Rica, they thought they might get a new perspective. They were right and again had an unforgettable experience.

With it's incredible landscapes, unbelievable adventures and intricate ecosystems, Costa Rica proved to be a perfect honeymoon destination. On top of that, the people were welcoming, the environment safe and the weather ideal. With or without children, you won't be disappointed with a trip to this spot in the tropical heavens.