High Society on the Harbor

High Society on the Harbor party theme - thumbnail image

Every year my high school organizes a party for the senior class so they will celebrate graduation in a safe and fun way. My senior year grad-night was a harbor cruise on a party yacht. The theme was, “High Society on the Harbor”; it was really creative and fun.

Formal attire was required so some of my classmates and I made a day of searching the formal wear shops, department stores and bridal boutiques for just the right gown. I was looking for something really special. By lunch time I was beginning to think I would have to settle for a dress that was not quite what I wanted, but then I found the perfect one in a designer outlet store.

It was really easy for a group of us to organize sharing a limousine to take us to the yacht. Everyone was so excited; the party actually began before we arrived.

We would have known which boat was ours even if there had not been a “High Society on the Harbor” banner over the gang way. The yacht had been decorated with bunches of black, coral pink and pearly white balloons. White mini-lights had been wound around the railings; it looked so elegant! A string quartet played chamber music on the deck. I felt just like a debutante!

There was a delicious gourmet buffet set up on a table in the main room. The main dishes were prime rib, roasted chicken breast or crab legs and mashed, roasted or au gratin potatoes, mixed vegetables as side dishes. A beautiful ice sculpture of a leaping dolphin was placed in the middle of a huge punch bowl as the centerpiece for the buffet. The desserts were as scrumptious as they were elegant.

When dinner was over the wait staff cleared away the buffet table and set up the stage for the DJ. He really rocked! He played all of our favorite songs and the yacht started to really party. Everyone was dancing all over the boat as it cruised around the harbor. A photographer snapped candid photos of the guests as well as posed shots on the yacht's stern.

During the DJs, the class valedictorian took a microphone and read the names of those voted by our class: “Most Popular”, “The Biggest Flirt”, “Most Likely to Succeed” and many other categories both serious and funny. My boyfriend, Max and I were voted “Couple Most Likely to Marry before Graduating from College”. Each of the honorees came up on stage to receive a printed certificate and made a little acceptance speech. I secretly hoped they were right because Max was planning on going to law school. Max and I decided we would be good sports and take the whole thing as a joke.

When the DJ started up the music everyone started dancing and had such a good time we couldn't believe it when the yacht was pulled up along side the dock. I could have kept dancing all night, but I told my parents I would be home before 2AM so Max and the rest of our classmates who had come in the limo piled in and went home.

Max walked me to the door of my parents' house and our eyes met as we stood on the porch. He seemed as if has something to say, but we started kissing until a light came on and we said good night. It was the most exciting night of my life.