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My firm just landed a new account and to celebrate, the executives decided to have a party. Let me tell you, they know how to party!

Our executives enlisted the the help of a event coordinator to plan a entire corporate event with a Circus theme.

Clown cards were put in everyone's mail boxes with the details of location, date and time. Below the party details was written, "Bring the whole family!" My girls were over joyed when I told them about it.

When we arrived at the park grounds we couldn't believe our eyes. A big top tent had been set up on the football field. Next to it was a smaller tent with a buffet and smaller
tables beneath it. The buffet table was loaded with food: Sub sandwiches, potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and dip, tater tots, mini-quiches and cheese fries. There were sodas, coffee, iced-tea, punch, as well as wine and beer for the adults. My husband and I chatted with a few of my co-workers until the loud speaker announced the show would start in fifteen minutes. Joanie and Cindy couldn't wait any longer, they practically dragged me into the big top. Ed had brought the video camera so he could record the entire event.

All of a sudden I felt like I was five. The face of every kid was lit up with excitement. Sent Ed to take the girls to our seats while I went to get a bag of fresh roasted peanuts from a vendor's cart. I brought back two bags and just was sitting down when the lights dimmed. The boss's wife, dressed in a ringmaster's costume, came out to announce the first act.

The show was wonderful! My girls were mesmerized by the acrobats, the exotic animal act, trapeeze artists and the clowns. My boss practically jumped out of his seat when the the clowns asked for a volunteer to ride the elephant. He paraded around the tent on the back of the elephant with a huge grin on his face, just like an overgrown kid. I must have taken five pictures of him riding on the elephant!

After the show was over, everyone out to the small tent for some more food. Joanie and Cindy entertained themselves by playing with the other kids while Ed and I chatted with some of the other couples.

Later that week, Ed edited the video tape of the circus. The credits featured my boss' elephant ride. I gave him a copy of it and some photos that I took. When he realized what it was he gave me a smile more grateful than I had ever seen him, and said "Thanks".