Arabian Nights Valentine

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One of my good friends is a DJ at a club in a restaurant every Friday night and one year he invited me to come to a special celebration on Valentine's Day with a very romantic them—Arabian Nights. I told him I would definitely be there.

When my date and I arrived at the restaurant a valet took the keys and parked my car in the lot while we went inside. The entire room had been decorated with sheer cloth and what looked like silk, was draped, tent-like from the center of the ceiling. A dance beat pumped from the speakers and the floor was already crowded. I noticed a few guests wearing Arabian style costumes, but enough people were wearing normal clothes so I didn't feel out of place.

My date and I got in line for the buffet dinner. The Mediterranean style food was very good; it must have been professionally catered. My date went to the bar getting a beer for himself and a glass of wine for me. While were eating a costumed magician entertained us with some fantastic parlor magic.

Themusic stopped as we were finishing our food and a troupe of belly dancers came on stage to perform to music played live by an Arabic band. After the dancers, four jugglers showed off their considerable skill by throwing and catching burning batons and machetes.

After dancing for a while, we took a break. I had the bindi artist decorate the backs of my hands with henna and my date had a fortuneteller read his palm. He thought everything she told him was surprisingly accurate.

It was such a great party we stayed until two in the morning. My date told me he had had so much fun he wants to go with me next year.